Mondays and Thurdays 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm

​October 9 - November 9 for $50

Boys and Girls (Kinder - 8th Grade)

It is almost time for Charger Wrestling Academy to start again.  This will be our third season and we will have several kids wrestling in the OPEN division this year.  It is time to amp it up!  This year practices at Charger Wrestling Academy will be designed to prepare kids for competitions on Saturdays.  We expect the kids to know the basics on day 1, and this is were the "BIG TEN" comes in.  Ten big practices will get our kids a solid foundation in the basics. This will allow us to drill more, increase our live wresting time, and compete at a higher level on Saturday.  I encourage all of our Charger Wrestling Academy kids to attend the Big Ten as we have nobody with more than three years of experience..

If you have a child in Kinder or 1st grade and they did not attend our club last year, The BIG TEN is required to see if they are ready for club practices.  If they are not ready, then the Big Ten will still be a great first experience in their early wrestling career.


Can Girls wrestle?

Absolutely.  We have our own girls division in Texas, so when girls get to the high school, girls only compete against girls.  Girls wrestling is starting to pick up in the youth tournaments, so there are times when there are enough girls to bracket a tournament.  Saying that, the young girls have an option to wrestle the boys, and before testosterone kicks in, the girls do very well.  And, we have some girls that would do well after the testosterone kicks in!  Girls are very athletic. flexible, coordinated and have great attention to detail.  They are very capable of learning the techniques just as good or better than the boys. All you have to do is watch girls compete in gymnastics.  They definitely have what it takes.

What do I need for practice?

You will need shorts, t'shirt and socks for Big Ten practices.  If you decide to do Charger Wresting Academy after the Big Ten, you will need a membership to USA Wrestling, Competition Shorts, Head gear, and wrestling shoes for competition.  We will talk about this at practice.

Should I worry if I have no experience?

No.  Our league has a rookie division!  If you have no experience, you will be wresting others that also have no experience.  No worries?

What if I don't like the wresting singlet?

Well, the wrestling singlet is a great solution for competition.  It is tight fitting.  It stays on in a scrap.  And body parts don't get tangled in the clothes.  Saying that, the powers at be have legalized wrestling board shorts and a compression top as a legal competition uniform this year.  Singlets are still allowed.  We now have an alternate choice if we have an athlete that is worried about wearing a singlet.  Now, when you muscle up, you will be dying to get those tight fitting singlets.  They show off a physique better than any uniform out there!

We offer year-round wrestling opportunities for both competition club and summer camp